Lightyear is the latest release from Disney Pixar following the origin story of the Buzz Lightyear millennials and Gen-Z-ers grew loving. This film is set up as the movie that young Andy from Toy Story saw before falling in love with his Buzz Lightyear toy.

It's one of the most anticipated kid's movies of the summer and out just in time for school vacation. While many kids love a day at the movies, for others, it's simply too much.

Filling a Need

The beginnings of sensory-friendly screenings started with a bad movie-going experience for a mother and daughter in Maryland.

According to Autism Society, mother Marianne took her daughter Meaghan to a matinee assuming there would be fewer moviegoers. Meaghan clapped and spun for joy at the start of the movie causing other moviegoers to complain ultimately resulting in the pair being asked to leave.

Then Marianne, knowing she and her daughter aren't alone in this, called another local theater to her in Maryland, AMC, asking for a sensory-friendly screening for kids on the autism spectrum.

The theater was more accommodating than Marianne even imagined and it was a packed theater and is now a regular practice.

This is spread across the country and Flagship Cinemas in Falmouth is hopping on board tomorrow, Saturday, June 25th.

Sensory Friendly Show

Catch Lightyear tomorrow morning at 10:30 only at the Falmouth Flagship Cinemas location. The film will be played at a lower volume than normal, the lights will be kept on, and kids can move around and talk during the showing. Grab your tickets here.

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