There have been a slew of industries that have struggled mightily during the pandemic. One of those industries is movie theaters and movie makers in general. The downturn in business and the slow vaccination rollout has led one major chain of movie theaters to decide on a winter hibernation. According to Fox23, Cinemagic plans to close all of their Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts locations until spring.

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Here in Maine, movie theaters across the state were allowed to reopen last July with added safety precautions put into place. But the return of people visiting movie theaters has been painfully slow for a number of reasons. An obvious reason is the natural worry about being in a closed space with strangers, something theaters and concert venues view an uphill battle in the near future. Another reason for a downturn in business is major movie studios delaying releases of major films that could draw people to theaters. Some major blockbusters opening weekends have been delayed, while other blockbusters have been released on streaming services like HBO on the same day as their theatrical release. Those elements have hurt attendance.

With a vaccine rollout that has been slow moving throughout New England so far, Cinemagic decided it was in their best interest to pause operations and reopen their theaters sometime in the spring. Cinemagic currently operates three locations in Maine in Westbrook, South Portland and Saco.

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