15-year-old Cameron in Lisbon Falls thinks it's pretty cool he looks like Maine's hero.


Mom, Danyelle, has noticed that her son looks an awful like Maine's CDC director, Dr. Nirav Shah. It is pretty uncanny - because even though he is a grown up with a family, Dr. Shah does have a very young look!


The nice thing about the resemblence, is that Cameron is very much enjoying his connection to fame. Cameron is autistic, and this distraction has been fun for him. I am going to send this along to Dr. Shah's publicist. Cameron would love it if Dr. Shah was made award he has a mini-me.

The good news for Cameron is that he is all set for his Halloween trick or treat outfit next year! Just add a cape and you are all set as Maine's hero, who somehow keeps delivering the worst news in the most calm fashion.



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