It's a re enactment of the ceremonies when the hotel opened 90 years ago.

Tomorrow is a big day for the Westin Portland Harborview Hotel, as the celebrate their 90th anniversary!

Gov. LePage will be in the city to help with the festivities, and will toss a key into the ocean at the Maine State Pier...just as Gov. Richard Brewster did 90 years ago when the hotel first opened.

Hotel industry tradition suggests that because hotels are always open to travelers, they don’t need to lock their doors. Throwing away the key symbolizes a wish that the hotel will remain open for all time.

To demonstrate its appreciation to the city of Portland and its neighbors, Westin Portland Harborview will perform 90 good deeds, large and small. The hotel team launched the effort recently by volunteering time at the Milestone Foundation and participating in a community clean-up, in conjunction with the Maine Innkeeper’s Association.

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