First responders are part of a family that spans the country. Various police, fire and rescue personnel are always there to lend a helping hand of support to each other. That shared comradery was very apparent on Tuesday with a simple gesture from the Westbrook Fire Department to the Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department.

Often times when urgent medical care that someone needs is not available at their local hospital, that person needs to be transported to the nearest hospital that has the capability to provide that care. Here in Maine, oftentimes that hospital is Maine Medical Center in Portland, the largest hospital in Northern New England. That makes for a long trip when someone in Aroostook County needs to be transported to Maine Med for treatment.

The Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department had such a patient on Tuesday and transported them the 300 miles south to Maine Med. The Westbrook Fire Department lent a hand to the Caribou crew when they arrived and left a nice gesture when they weren't looking.

Caribou Fire and Ambulance posted about it on their Facebook page:

Today we had a crew transport a patient to Maine Medical Center in Portland. While in the facility, a very helpful Westbrook Fire Dept crew helped our personnel and left a very generous gesture without our crew knowing on our ambulance. As many know, somtimes the world needs to run on coffee and a 5 hour drive home is no different. Thank you guys very much! We very much appreciate the hospitality.


It's small gestures like this that really show how our first responders look out for each other while looking out for us.

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