This video taken by the couple known as Wandering Ghost while they drove up the entire east coast of Maine is incredible for so many reasons.

Who is Wandering Ghost?

Wandering Ghost is made up of Danny and Kimber Peck, who have dedicated their time in the present to traveling the entirety of the United States and sharing the sights and sounds they experience. According to their YouTube Page, they started on May 12, 2020, making their way from Asheville, North Carolina to Boulder, Colorado.

They decided to tackle the entire east coast of Maine just a couple of weeks ago, fromd June 20 through June 25, driving up I-95 from Salem, Massachusetts and just making their way right up the coast over the next few days. They highlighted everything from Portland and Owl's Head Ledge, up passed Belfast, Beal's Island, Roque Bluffs, to Cutler.

Danny and Kimber really got the full New England weather experience, too, hitting everything from hazy humidity and chilly rain, to bright sun and eery fog. The last few minutes of their video seems ironically fitting, too, considering their name is Wandering Ghost and the drone shots they took in Cutler were covered in haze and fog, appearing as if it was an actual ghost land.

Once their video was complete, they posted it to the Maine Reddit discussion page, apparently wowed by the beauty of Vacationland, even saying "my goodness, you have a beautiful state." And that was just from cruising the coast! Do you think Wandering Ghost did Coastal Maine justice in their video?

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