In the land of incredible craft breweries, a new craft hard seltzer and cider house is about to stand out in Portland, Maine. Apres, located in the East Bayside neighborhood at 140 Anderson Street joins other favorites like Eighteen Twenty Wines, Lone Pine Brewing and Goodfire Brewing in a busy section of town. It's what they plan to serve that will set them apart from their neighbors.

Shared on Facebook by Apres, they plans to inject some additional flavor into a suddenly crowded hard seltzer market. While every hard seltzer brand seems to have the same line of offerings, Apres has spent the last year quietly concocting a series of unique hard seltzer flavors that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Then, there's cider. Apres is house-brewing all of their cider that will be perfect for any season in Maine.

From the outside, Apres' taproom will look like an old airplane hangar. The property has undergone a significant overhaul in the last several months, turning it from a pure industrial space into a sleek taproom that will feel more like an upscale getaway than a wide-open building in an industrial park.

Apres completed their soft opening last weekend and plan their grand opening to the general public for this Friday, July 16th at Noon. To start, Apres will be serving both soft and hard seltzers and in the coming weeks will introduce their hard ciders to the mix. Apres will be open Friday 12pm-9pm, Saturday 12pm-9pm and Sunday 12pm-8pm.

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