Who doesn't like gazing at an open field with beautiful horses? It does get a bit strange though when the horses are fake and no one really knows how they got there.

This is what you'll find in a field in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Dubbed Ponyhenge, the field has dozens of abandoned wooden, metal, and plastic rocking horses, spring-powered horses, and more.

According to the website Atlas Obscura, the ponies began appearing in 2010. Over time, more and more began appearing on the land.

Periodically, they move. One day they're lined up, the next they're in a circle like they're lost Merry-Go-Round horses. No one knows who moves them.

Roadtrippers.com did track down one contributor to the herd who said that after a Halloween display with a headless horseman they didn't know what to do with the decoration, so they brought it to Ponyhenge.

Weird huh? Want to visit? It's just a short drive outside of Boston.

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