One thing that I can say about working at BLM, is that there is never a dull moment! Many of you know that WBLM is part of Townsquare Media Portland. Our sister stations are WCYY, WPKQ, WJBQ and WHOM.

Here is the entire family!

Townsquare Media Portland

Like any family, when there's a man down, we pitch in to help. This morning our WHOM personality, A.J., was out sick. Captain, ever the overachiever, decided that we should fill in and do BOTH morning shows!

This is how it went!

It was actually really fun, WHOM plays a lot of 80's music so I got to play George Michael. I know, I know, but he's part of my history!  I was a little bit jealous of their digs. Unlike the WBLM studio, it looks like grown ups work there.

Here is the evidence:

A microphone that was purchased after 1977.


A stool that does not have Duct Tape on it.


They have pens with their logo on them. I stole a bunch of those. I actually had two cups of coffee going, one in each studio!

cup and pen

The banner on their door has not been vandalised by their D.J.'s with dirty limericks and mustaches.

WHOM banner

It was clear that management doesn't trust us with nice things. I'll just keep reupholstering my stool with Duct Tape...

I have pointed out our differences, but what we have in common is that we are kick ass radio stations with listeners that are smart, funny and good-looking. We also have a band in common that both stations play, and that listeners love, Aerosmith!

Captain and I had a blast, thank you to the WHOM listeners who were so gracious and patient with us! We hope that A.J. is feeling much better tomorrow, if he heard what we did with his HOM show this morning, no matter how sick he is I bet he'll show up!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies...





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