It's not very often that I make impulse buys, but when I saw this phone dock for your car, I had to have it for the very cool feature it has.

I was in Home Depot in Windham, Maine of all places when I found it. I was there to get zip ties for a hose from my washer to secure it after we had an incident in our basement. I won't go into detail about it because it's really gross and we just got it cleaned up and sanitized after four days. If you know, you know.

Anyway, in the same aisle as the zip ties, they have a small section of phone accessories, and this one caught my eye.

It's called the InteliGrip Wireless Charging Mount by Tzumi. What got my attention is that it had wireless charging. My car is a 2017 model, built before cars started to be equipped with wireless charging and before they had built-in touchscreens that connect to your phone. This was just what I needed to give me the features that you get in today's cars by spending just $32.

But when I got it home I realized I never even noticed the coolest feature it has. Check out this video I took and make sure you turn up your sound.

That's right. It senses when the phone is near, opens up the clamp automatically, and then closes it to lock it in, all while it's charging without needing to be plugged in directly. Brilliant!

Is it crazy that I just want drive my car around making all kinds of stops to get out and get in my car just to watch it do its thing? I say no.

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