I should have known as soon as she bought up the Dunkin' cards that she was a New England gal.

While scrolling my For You Page on TikTok user shayla_cristyn of New Hampshire popped up with an incredibly creative way to pick up a man.

And I have to give her credit. In a time of social distancing and not being able to meet people as easily in bars or even in a store, Shayla really took some initiative.

Here's what you do. First, buy Dunkin' gift cards. Then, head to the parking lot of your local Home Depot. You know dudes will be in and out of there all day long. Keep your eyes peeled for a guy you find attractive. Write your number on one of those Dunkin' cards and leave it for him to find.

Check out her TikTok with her trick and yes, she does leave a gift card for a guy!

This is fantastic because even if the guy isn't interested or if he's in a relationship this is still an incredibly kind gesture that I'm sure made his day. Not to mention FREE DUNKIN'!

Shayla was kind enough to give an update. Did she get a date with mystery Home Depot man?

Ok so it wasn't a Hallmark movie in the making but it definitely made me smile to watch. So get out there ladies! There are still a few days left to find a date for Valentine's Day! And hey, if it's Home Depot you already know he's handy. If the relationship doesn't work out he could always replace that ugly light fixture in your bathroom.

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