If you want to elude police, don't steal a fuel truck.

According to the Kennebec Journal, 37-year-old Paul Hatch from Waterville allegedly stole a Winthrop Fuel Truck early Tuesday, September 19, then led police on a weird, chaotic chase through Kennebec County.

So many people saw the chase and wondered what was going on.

Seth Flaherty was on his lunch break when he caught part of the chase and the aftermath.

This whole mess started after the Winthrop Police Department got a call that a Winthrop Fuel truck was stolen around 4:30 a.m., according to the Kennebec Journal. When a fire marshal saw the truck in Monmouth near noon, the chase was on, the newspaper reported.

The stolen truck was heading to Winthrop and only going 45 mph, according to the KJ, and officers went near the Winthrop-Monmouth town line and laid down a spike mat.

The driver swerved into the officer's lane as seen in Seth's video. Plus, the spike mat did nothing as he swerved into other lanes.

hatch made it to Highland Avenue, almost hitting two cars in the opposite direction, according to the KJ, but he wasn't done wreaking havoc. When he reached the intersection of Highland Avenue and Route 202, he turned back toward Monmouth. He rear-ended a truck when he went to the intersection of Route 202 and Route 133, the newspaper said. He then made a quick left turn onto Route 133, going the wrong way, and that's when he lost it and rolled the truck over onto its side, according to the KJ.

Then he tried to run, but didn't get far before getting caught. They are still investigating, and Route 133 was closed for almost three hours, according to the KJ.

You just never know what's gonna happen on a lunch break.

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