This is something that you don't see very often. A deer in Canaan, New Hampshire got stuck in a fence and Officer Cameron Hill came to the rescue.

Officer Hill's body cam captured everything and the Canaan Police Department shared it on their Facebook page. From what we can see in the video, it looks like the deer tried to jump a cemetery fence. I have plenty of deer in my backyard regularly, and they can jump high! This deer however didn't make the jump.

At first, I thought that the deer had its head stuck in the fence, but as Officer Hill worked to free the deer, it looked like it just needed a boost over the fence. It's not something I'd be comfortable doing, because the deer is scared I'm sure, and does some kicking before he is freed and prances off through the cemetery.

It also looks like the deer might have left behind some of its coat on the fence, so I hope it's okay. Based on how quickly it ran through the cemetery to safety, I think it's probably okay.

We often think of police officers as the people who pull us over on the road for speeding, respond to car accidents and other emergencies, and make arrests, but they do so much more than that, as Officer Hill demonstrated by taking the time to free an animal caught on a fence.

It was just another of the many calls they get in a day's, or in this case, a night's work. Well done Officer Hill!

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