Our backyard has been full of deer this season. Several times a week, two does and their fawns come out of the woods behind our house and onto my very overdue-for-a-mow lawn. Thanks, worst summer ever.

Between the long grass and low-hanging tree branches, my backyard is a virtual smorgasbord for hungry deer, and the buffet is open 24 hours. Sometimes the deer are pretty calmly enjoying their meals, while other times, they are pumped full of energy. Not the does so much as the fawns.

Yesterday, I was called over the window by my girlfriend Michele to see that the deer were back, but the fawns were having more fun than we had ever seen. Michele captured it on video, and it's pretty funny to see these two young deer run back and forth, left to right, right to left, off and on-camera. Talk about energy!

It still amazes me how these young deer can jump and run. They can leap high in the air over the tall brush in my backyard like it's no big deal.

We've had so many deer in our backyard over the years that it makes me wonder if the adult deer may have been in our yard four years ago as fawns.

They also don't seem too afraid of us. I've seen a deer in the backyard and slowly sat down in an Adirondack chair to watch it. The deer looked and me and then decided to do the same and sit down on the ground. I think we're friends now.

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