This past spring (well after hunting season), I noticed that a pickup truck was often parked off to the side of the road across from where I live. Assuming it was a hunter trying to take something home (and not one of the guys from The Sopranos trying to leave something behind)…I let it go. Not my land or business.

But then I saw the truck again – and remembered the land had been, while not posted, owned privately by someone I didn't know. And again, this was well after hunting season. So being Mr. Super Citizen, I called the police.

By the time they arrived, the truck had left, but they had similar concerns. So, we agreed to touch base if we saw the truck again.

Sure enough, the truck was back days later. I called the police. And after speaking with them, called myself a bunch of mean names.

It wasn’t a hunter at all; rather, somebody who likes to collect antlers. As it was explained to me, deer shed their antlers (which I knew), and many Granite Staters collect them to use as coatracks, decorations, or even pet food (which I didn’t).

In fact, upon closer reflection, I realized I knew someone who did this casually on his property. When he wasn’t winning Halloween decorating contests, my dad was a bit of an antler collector.

The police said they would clarify with the landowner whether to mark the land as “Posted” (have you read about the debate Maine is having on that issue?), while I promised to grow more informed.

But again, those Sopranos are known for making secret trips to New Hampshire

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