My backyard is surrounded by woods and what could best be described as a small swamp that has had plenty of water in it this season. So much water after the torrential downpour we got on August 8 that some of it got into my basement. I've never spent that much time with a Wet-Vac until now.

The peepers love it thought in the spring and early summer and it sounds like there are some bullfrogs croaking in there from time to time now.

With all that wooded area, water, and plenty of places to shelter, we see more than our fair share of deer in our backyard. However, we had never seen this many at once.

I happened to notice a young fawn out our kitchen window prancing across our lawn that is perpetually due for a mow because it rains every damn day this summer. Not far behind was a second fawn and a doe, presumably the mother.

Both the fawns would run around the yard and then go to mom to nurse off her. But then another adult deer came out onto the lawn. This one had no antlers and bucks don't shed their antlers until the winter.

I later did a Google search and learned that deer give birth to just one fawn in most cases, like humans. They also sometimes birth twins, like humans do. Based on that, it seemed that each fawn was there with its own mother. I'm no deer expert, but it makes sense to me. Take a look.

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