Sometimes, nature just has the right answer. For the last week, everyone's mind has been working overtime. There's a lot around us going on and it can be mentally draining. So what is a great way to recharge your batteries? Seeing something so calming in nature that it reminds you why life is so beautiful.

Shared on Facebook in the Maine Wildlife group by David Perkins, he happened to be fishing about 20 miles off the coast of Ogunquit when he stumbled across something lots of people pay big money in hopes of seeing. That would be a pair of humpback whales, casually and calmly swimming along in the ocean. On one side, you have the mother and on the other side her calf. David makes mention in his post that he just watched them swim during a lunch break and that his boat didn't attempt to chase the pair to get a closer look.

Whale watching is a prime business in Maine. Several different outfits in coastal towns and cities offer tours for those hoping to see one of the various whale species that call Maine's waters their home. There's just something special about being out on the ocean and spotting a mom and her calf taking a nice afternoon stroll. Sometimes you just have to let the peacefulness find you.

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