HOM's newest radio personality didn't know what to think when her coworkers told her not to dress up for the company Christmas party. "What you're wearing now is fine," they said.

Nikki was perplexed.

At her previous radio station, everyone dressed to the nines at the annual holiday party: The men wore nice suits and the women wore cocktail dresses with heels. So, Nikki figured since she was the newbie, the staff was playing a prank on her. Visions of Legally Blonde's Elle in a playboy bunny costume were top of mind as she timidly walked through the doors of the Asylum on 121 Center Street.

There was no where to run…

And it was too late to turn back now…

This is what she saw:


(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TMG)
(Photo By Nikki Cruz/TMG)

They were telling the truth!