With a new legislative session beginning, lots of new bills are being proposed to be heard. Some of those bills will carry significant important for 2019 and beyond. And others are simply intriguing and likely to stir debate. One of those proposed bills is the idea of changing the slogan on Maine's license plates. Do away with Vacationland and replace it with Staycationland.


According to the Bangor Daily News, the proposed bill was put forth by Kent Ackley of Monmouth. The idea behind the change is that while Maine is a great place to vacation, it's also a great place to stay longer, start a business and raise a family. The idea behind the change is novel, but what would be the cost in replacing license plates across the state with a new slogan?

Additionally, Mainers have long been resistant to any sort of change. Even when it's something as simple as words on a license plate. Many years ago, the people of Maine were resistant to put a lobster in the background on license plates. A few years after that, people couldn't fathom including a chickadee on plates. We live in a really bizarre state.

So what do you think? Would you be behind a change from Vacationland to Staycationland on Maine license plates? Let us know what you think at our Facebook page.

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