Food Network is home to dozens of competition shows featuring some of the best chefs from around the world, many of whom have come from Maine. But one of Food Network's newest shows is a departure from the normal competition format and will pit struggling chef's against themselves. The show is called Chef Bootcamp, and Portland restaurant Three Dollar Dewey's is set to be featured in an episode this Spring.

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What Is Chef Bootcamp All About and Why Is It High Stakes?

Culinary superstar chef Cliff Crooks will assemble three struggling chefs from restaurants across the country. He'll taste their food and watch them work in the kitchen to determine their strengths and their weaknesses. From there, the chefs will embark on a three day bootcamp, testing them on their knowledge and ability to run a kitchen to Cliff's liking. Their final challenge is to work a night in one of chef Cliff's busy restaurants and do it successfully. After bootcamp is through, the chefs will return to their restaurants and show the establishment owners what they've learned at bootcamp. If Cliff isn't impressed, the chef could lose their job.

Why Is Three Dollar Deweys Featured On This Show?

Restaurants and chefs were chosen for this show because things aren't going as planned. Some of the restaurants featured on season one of the show are in financial straits, and it has a lot to do with the efficiency and ability of their head chefs. It's a tough pill to swallow for any restaurant or chef to admit they need help turning things around, but perhaps viewers, and fans of the restaurant, will perceive it as a fresh start. For Three Dollar Deweys and Chef Richard, this could be a new beginning.

When Will The Three Dollars Deweys Episode Air?

Food Network currently lists the episode featuring Chef Richard and Three Dollar Deweys to air on Thursday, May 13th at 10pm.

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