At this point in the winter, it's fair to say many of us are sick and tired of the snow. But sometimes, something comes along that is so perfect that it can make you appreciate winter all over again. This magical "snow train" is just that.

Shared on Facebook by Crown of Maine, the snow train is located right on the border of Maine, in the small Canadian town of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. While the train locomotive built into the snow is an impressive feat, it's also a reminder. A reminder of a major train crash that happened more than a century ago and the locomotive of that train that has never been found. The photos shared on Facebook are courtesy of Wayne Nadeau.

According to 508mystery, there was a massive bridge collapse in Grand Falls in the year 1900. The collapse of the bridge caused a trained, being hauled by locomotive 508, to plunge into the Saint John River. Many people had to be rescued, and thankfully no one was killed in the incredible accident. But one detail has still never been answered. What happened to locomotive 508?  Was it recovered or does it still sit at the bottom of the river?

A man named Eric Ouellette built the snow train to bring awareness to his ongoing investigation into just what happened to the missing locomotive. For now, we'll sit back and enjoy a true piece of snow art. Winter can stick around… for now.

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