Okay, so listen. People weren't made to fly, but we, as the stellar human race that we are, have found ways to soar like badass eagles.

Jumping out of airplanes is obviously the number one way we figured out how to fly. Skiing comes in second for me, because the tricks I see people do are outrageous, gnarly, and  insanely awesome! Skiing is the next best thing to having wings.

It also depends on the mountains you ski in. What is the difficulty? There are three different levels. Are you a cautious beginner, moderate/intermediate, or a very aggressive expert skier? Each resort offers different trails that will match your level.

I have done ample research because I am not an avid skier (actually, I'm not a skier at all), but now I am more enlightened on this winter sport. So let's dive in and "shred the gnar, bro" (that's slang for "let's ski").

Skiing takes extreme focus and concentration. It also seems like you have to have Arnold Schwarzenegger's legs to control the skis, because WOW. When you're bombing down a mountain at high, breakneck speeds, you need to have Cheetah concentration, like a cruise missile.


Nicolai Bernts via Unsplash
Nicolai Bernts via Unsplash

If you live or visit the great state of Maine, then you have chosen a state with excellent ski resorts. Snow Pak recommends the most promising ski towns in Maine. Check out the list below!

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