It's my fault. After another Maine winter comes to a close with the first day of spring, it's my fault that we have the potential to get a significant amount of snowfall on Saturday. I'll own it. I'm the one who stowed the shovels in the basement over the weekend. Granted I don't believe in that sort of nonsense, but I've been told by several people that I caused it by thinking Mother Nature was going to pass us over for this winter.

There are a couple of storms headed our way and there's a lot of uncertainty with both of them, according to the National Weather Service in Gray. Here's what their map looks like for Thursday as the first of two storms come through.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Northern Maine has a good shot at more than two inches of snow Wednesday night into Thursday. Augusta up to Rangely has a 40 to 70 percent chance of more than two inches and Rockland over to Fryeburg is looking at a 10 to 40 percent chance of over two inches. The southern part of Cumberland County looks like it won't get much if any snow at all. There could be some strong winds as well, but then there's Saturday's storm.

It's still early to tell how Saturday's storm is going to play out, but as of this writing on Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service says that accumulating snow is possible this weekend. How much and the timing are not quite there yet, but it could happen, so I've grabbed the shovels out of the basement and they are standing by. I'll leave them there until July 4th just to be sure we don't get any more.

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