We're in the middle of winter, and people all over are breaking out fluffy blankets and settling down with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

But if you're feeling like braving the cold and venturing outside, New England is filled with plenty of cozy towns to visit, many of which resemble those in Hallmark movies.

Last year, Trips to Discover shared this list of the 50 most magical winter wonderland towns in the country, twelve of which were in New England. Now, Stacker has published a similar list, this time highlighting 50 of the nation's coziest towns to visit during the wintertime.

These favorite small-town destinations were selected "based on visitor opinions, ratings from nationwide publications like U.S. News & World Report, Country Living, and Travel & Leisure, as well as available activities, landmarks, and other tourist attractions," according to Stacker. These communities have something to offer for everyone, whether you're looking to conquer the ski slopes, embark on a relaxing horse-drawn sleigh ride, stay in a charming B&B, or take a stroll downtown.

So, how many of these places are located in New England, and where are they?

As it turns out, eight of our region's towns are featured among the top 50. There's at least one representative from each New England state, with the exception of Connecticut (sorry, Nutmeg Staters). So what are we waiting for? Let's learn about eight of the coziest New England towns to visit this winter.

8 of the Coziest New England Towns to Visit This Winter

Stacker published this list of the nation's 50 coziest towns to visit during the wintertime, including these eight New England locations.

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Now, let's look at New England's most magical winter wonderland towns, according to Trips to Discover.

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