Everyone knows that New Hampshire is a great state, for so many reasons. But of all of the cities and towns here, what's the nicest place in NH? That's what Reader's Digest asked their readers in a recent poll, as they looked for the nicest place in all fifty states. And coming in at number one for the Granite State is...Pembroke!

The magazine called Pembroke "pretty, tight knit, and caring." They also said that the people who live in the town are very friendly and helpful. They are ready to give the shirt off their back to anyone in need.

When I lived in New Hampshire, I was in Pembroke quite often. I had friends and family that lived there, and I drove through it pretty much every day. I can confirm that Pembroke is a very nice town.

Pembroke is now in the running to be named "Nicest Place In America." Online voting is open until July 21st.

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