NBA stars are famous for changing their numbers. Kobe Bryant went from 8 to 24. Michael Jordan from 23 to 45 – and back. Meanwhile, Duncan Robinson probably wishes he’d changed his bit sooner (and we’re not referring to the digits on his uniform).

As he was born in York, Maine, grew up in New Castle, New Hampshire, attended junior high in Rye, and then the Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts, you’d think there’d be plenty of good will towards Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson as he played for a trip to the NBA Finals.

Perhaps – if he were playing any team other than his hometown Boston Celtics.

The C’s fell at home in Game 7 to the Heat, and fans around these parts were, shall we say, “irked” when Robinson was captured seemingly “taunting” the crowd after a nail-in-the-coffin basket. But as it turns out, he had good reason.

Robinson was a guest on J.J. Redick’s “Old Man & the Three” podcast and explained himself. After missing two crucial shots in the Celtics’ (near) iconic Game 6 win of the Eastern Conference Finals, he found his cell phone going off with an endless string of text messages.

Here’s where it got weird: they were from random numbers he didn’t recognize. It seems that somehow, he got included in a group text with a bunch of Celtics fans who mercilessly heckled him.

Robinson theorizes that someone he grew up with may have shared his number as a prank. Come on, Duncan. Does that sound like something New England sports fans would do?

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