A recent look into the 20 least populated towns in all of New Hampshire uncovered some information that was quite interesting.

For instance, it turned out that the least-populated town in all of New Hampshire was the two-person town of Livermore. The area was once a thriving small community, but is now a wooded ghost town. Only structural remnants and varying debris remain from the place that once was.

Also, how about the fact that the small town of Stark was named after a French and Indian War general, or that Ellsworth is the only dry town in all of New Hampshire?

These facts are always interesting to learn, but let's flip this all on its head for a second. We've acknowledged the least populated New Hampshire towns, but what about the 20 most populated ones?

These places are probably are a bit easier to guess off the top of your head, but just where do they rank when compared to other towns in the state? And just how much do you know about these towns?

For example, did you know that you can get married in an authentic English Tudor castle in Windham, and that the biggest arcade in the world is in Laconia? How about Keene's status as world record holder for the largest number of jack-o-lanterns on display?

There are clearly a lot of fun and interesting facts about these places you might not have known.

Without further ado, here are the 20 most populated towns in New Hampshire, based on the 2020 census. Did your town make the list?

These Are the 20 Most Populated New Hampshire Towns

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