Being a woman is bittersweet.

I am a loud and proud fierce feminist who loves herself, her dominant dames, and fellow females, but it sure is exhausting fearing for your life constantly.

Whether I’m walking through a parking lot at night, driving long distances alone, or simply going for a walk in the woods, there’s the nagging voice in the back of my head asking am I safe right now?

There are numerous times throughout the day where we feel unsafe or objectified, and it really is just tiring. I hate to go as far as having to segregate things by gender, but sometimes it’s just a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by just women.

Women-Only Gyms in Maine

I’ve thought about women-only gyms before, but didn’t think they actually existed. I’ll be in the middle of a workout and a pair of staring eyes will make me uncomfortable enough to want to leave.

It’s been a conversation among friends and colleagues, and I even asked the social media world if they had similar experiences. The answers were nothing short of upsetting

Meghan Morrison

Look how many responses I got!!

I mean, if we experience being objectified and uncomfortable in a grocery store or restaurant, imagine being in tight clothing working out in a gym. It can feel like you’re a french fry in a parking lot full of seagulls.

The question got asked on a Portland Facebook page if there are women-only gyms in Maine, and there are actually two of them: KUMA Fit in Saco and Women’s Fitness Studio & Spa in Brunswick.


Kuma Fit offers kickboxing and fitness specifically for women. It’s a safe space where women can be empowered, supported, and comfortable trying new things at their own pace.

The focus is on feeling strong and redefining fitness for women. They even have a Boxie Girls Club kickboxing course for 12-17 year-olds to empower them to discover their power and strength.

Women’s Fitness Studio & Spa

Women’s Fitness Studio & Spa in Saco has been a women-only fitness club since 1980, and is still a safe place for women to work out and feel comfortable while working on their physical and mental health.

The membership includes classes like yoga, TRX, body pump strength and endurance, and daily access to the facility. They even have a spa that offers massage therapy, nail, and facial services.

Perhaps you think having to go to a women-only gym is dramatic, but it can be a huge peace of mind for some folks. Gyms like these two at least give women the option for a place to work out where they feel most comfortable.

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