Jameson Tavern in Freeport Maine was established in 1779. The self proclaimed "Birthplace of Maine" is the supposed meeting spot of members of the Province of Maine who were seeking independence from Massachusetts.

Over the years it has been reverted into being a private residence but it has been a fully functioning bar since 1981. Here are some fun facts about the Jameson Tavern I found on JamesonTavern.com.

  • Jameson Tavern is located right NEXT to the L.L Bean outlet in Freeport Maine.
  • In 2003 Bobby Flay stopped by the Tavern to learn how to cook a proper Maine lobstah dinnah.
  • There are supposedly quite a few spirits that have made their presence known at Jameson Tavern.
  • They have a Happy Hour starting daily at 2:30pm. That's what I am talkin about!
  • The Jameson Brown Ale is especially brewed for Jameson Tavern and is only available for purchase at the tavern!
  • Their lobster stew and clam chowder is award winning.

I don't know about you but I am certainly intrigued. People have been sitting in the Jameson Tavern and quenching their thirst after a long day for centuries. Isn't history the coolest?!

Credit: notlydia via Instagram