It's no longer a secret that Portland, Maine is a "foodie" city, filled with restaurants small, medium and large that people are willing to travel a long way just to dine at. Portland's restaurants span a wide variety of different cuisines and styles, another reason the city has become so popular. There's one particular style of restaurant that Portland seems fine with having only one of, a steakhouse. If there's only going to be one, it should probably be bigger and soon enough, it will be.

According to Portland Old Port, Harding Lee Smith plans to expand his signature steakhouse restaurant, The Grill Room, in 2023. The new project will be called the Side Bar, and will allow guests to enjoy some new features of the Grill Room. That will include a raw bar, an offering that has become extremely popular with tourists visiting the city. Additionally, the Side Bar will have private function space for corporate events, wedding rehearsals and more.

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The Grill Room plans to take over the vacated space left behind by longtime business Swiss Time at 86 Exchange Street. The clock and watch repair business shut their doors permanently after more than 45 years recently. Rarely do restaurants in Portland, Maine have an opportunity to expand and the Grill Room didn't hesitate at the chance.

Facebook via The Grill Room and Bar
Facebook via The Grill Room and Bar

Harding Lee Smith opened the Grill Room in Portland back in 2008. Barring any permit issues, The Grill Room expects work on the Side Bar to commence quickly with the plan to be open and operational by the summer tourism season.


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