One thing is for sure -- with the last couple of studies that have come out, Maine sure does expect nothing but excellence if you're going getting a secondary education here.

Best Ranked Colleges in America

Recently, WalletHub ranked the best colleges and universities in America (well, at least the Top 500). All six New England states made the list (which, you'd hope in a list of 500), with Massachusetts seeming to be the highest ranked in general (MIT took the #1 overall spot on the list.)

However, Maine made the list a good few times, too, with University of Maine at Fort Kent, University of New England, University of Southern Maine, University of Maine, St. Joseph's College of Maine, and Husson University all making the list, but falling short of being called the best ranked college in Maine.

That honor goes to Colby College in Waterville, which just celebrated its second century of existence back in 2013 (if you do the math, the school is 208 years old).

Hardest Colleges to Get Into

That's not the only recognition that Colby College got recently. Back in August, CBS News ranked the hardest colleges to get into for 2022, and guess what prestigious Maine school made that list, too?

Yup! Colby College ranked #21 on the list of 50, with only a 10% acceptance rate. But on the plus side, considering how expensive just applying to colleges can be, CBS News also ranked it as the #4 college that doesn't charge an application fee.

10% acceptance rate, though? That's called knowing your worth.

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