I think, for the most part, we can all agree that the best places to eat no matter where you are are the holes in the wall. A sign that’s worn down, old pictures on the wall, and a door that’s hard to find are all pretty good signs of a place that’s going to sling some good food.

A dear friend had family visiting from the Midwest recently and was looking for good seafood in the area. There’s obviously the classic in Portland but we wanted something off the grid where tourists would never step foot in.

We headed over to the local watering hole of Samuel’s Bar & Grill in Portland and went right across the street to a spot that’s been open for decades and hides from the typical passing eye: Susan’s Fish & Chips.

Susan’s Fish & Chips in Portland, Maine

The sign is worn down, their original menu out front is faded, and the decor inside is outdated. To me, that means the food is going to hit. And it did!

We got crab cakes, fish and chips (duh), and a fried clam roll, and everything was just as it should be. Tasted fresh and was cooked well. It was a beautiful day out so we sat out on the back patio that’s nice and private with picnic tables in both the shade and sun.

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Little things stood out to me that I thought were cute, unique, and smart. First off, you can bring your own seafood and they will cook it for you! Bring in what you caught and they will clean it up and serve it to you; I thought that was the coolest thing.

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They also offer free coffee for everyone and $10 off if it’s your birthday. That’s a pretty fair deal you definitely won’t find elsewhere. It’s a place I drive by daily and never thought to look in their direction but sometimes those are the best places to go.

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