Generations of families have grown up visiting Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire. Whether it be the timeless rides or the iconic characters, cherished memories have been made at the theme park. So, when Story Land unleashed a pair of adults-only 'Nostalgia Nights' a couple years ago, they were surprised by the overwhelming enthusiasm. For 2022, Story Land is more prepared for the 21+ crowd and they've decided to dedicate every Saturday night in July to the adults who love Story Land so much that they never want to grow up.


The Dates Are Set and the Fun Kicks Off July 9th

Artit Buayai
Artit Buayai

Saturday, July 9th

Saturday, July 16th

Saturday, July 23rd

Saturday, July 30th

Those are your dates for Nostalgia Night in 2022. The park will be open to the 21+ crowd from 5-10pm on those specific nights. Tickets for these special events have been on sale since March and limited quantities are still available on select Saturday nights.


What Happens At Nostalgia Night?

You truly get to be a kid again with a few adult perks mixed in. Everything from a trip to Cinderella's castle to face painting and the rides you know and love will be available during Nostalgia night. For 2022, Story Land is hopeful to have all rides open and available to guests. Adult perks include a change to partake in adult beverages throughout the park as well as a stage that will feature live music and a variety of show offerings. A schedule of what is expected on each Saturday night can be found on their Facebook page.


Will It Sell Out?

Not yet.. Story Land's Nostalgia Nights are popular, and because of that, they've added more nights to the mix in 2022. If you're waiting on a weather forecast to confirm you'll have a clear evening, last minute tickets may or may not be available.

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