2020 has certainly been a year and we're only halfway through it. But as people all across the country, and certainly here in Maine, continue to use their voices to promote change in our social construct, the State Theatre decided to use their marquee to remind folks that there's another way to make sure your voice is heard.

Reddit via basiccivics
Reddit via basiccivics

Shared on Reddit by basiccivics, the marquee outside the State Theatre in Portland now reads:


That's a decidedly Maine way of saying make sure you've got yourself registered and ready to go for Election Day 2020. It's a polarizing time politically throughout the United States and while every election has consequences, many would argue the 2020 election feels particularly significant.

And that is ultimately the message behind the marquee posting. Every vote counts, and if you're passionate about a cause or a candidate, don't sit at home on Tuesday, November 3rd and let other people make the decision for you. Instead, make sure you're registered and get out there and make your vote count Bub.

If you're unsure on how to register to vote, the state of Maine offers up this easy online guide on how to register and where you'll go to vote in your district during the upcoming election.

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