For decades in Lewiston, Sparetime Recreation was a destination for people in the twin cities who were looking for a night out bowling. As the years have gone by, Sparetime tried to change with the times, adding more specialty nights, league play and other creative ways to bring people in. So the community was hit with great sadness when it was announced that Sparetime would be closing permanently at the beginning of May. According to the Lewiston Sun-Journal, owner Andy Couture had decided it was time to call it quits unless a new owner emerged. And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what has happened.

Ten-pin bowling shot.
Tomasz Wyszoamirski

According to the Lewiston Rocks Facebook group, Sparetime has new owners and their names are Justin and Samantha Juray. It was welcomed news by the Lewiston/Auburn bowling community that viewed Sparetime as a vital pillar in the city. Prior owner Andy Couture has been attempting to sell the bowling alley for years before the Juray's stepped forward at the last minute.

So what does this mean for Sparetime? Well, there's likely to be some changes. Sparetime will still close on May 4th with hopes of reopening sometime during the summer. That likely means some changes to the bowling alley in hopes of drumming up more business. Most bowling alleys across Maine have been feeling the squeeze for years, and those that have been successful have been enhancing the bowling experience for patrons.

Sparetime Recreation plans to update everyone on their progress in the coming weeks and months.

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