What started out as a fun and charitable treasure hunt by a well-known local Granite State band turned into an absolute nightmare without any of us knowing.

A couple of weeks ago, the well-known and popular New Hampshire-based band Recycled Percussion put on a $10,000 treasure hunt throughout the Granite State. Every couple of days, frontman Justin Spencer dropped clues either through their Chaos & Kindness text club, the Chaos & Kindness social media pages, his personal Instagram or the Recycled Percussion social media pages as to where to find the money.

Last Thursday, July 22, almost a full week after the treasure hunt began, two women found the $10,000 where Justin had hidden it in the woods of Canterbury, New Hampshire, and became $10,000 richer (or perhaps $5,000 apiece richer).

However, last night on Facebook, Justin revealed a massive secret that no one except him (and one other unknown person, which will be explained in a second), about the treasure hunt that turned it on its head -- the original $10,000 that was hidden, was stolen.

As mentioned, Justin hid the original $10,000, which was contained in a treasure chest with a note that instructed whoever found it to call him and tell him that the money had been found so the search could be called off, in Canterbury. The significance? Justin's grandmother lived there, on the actual land where he buried the money, but the house burned down over 25 years ago and is just a wooded area now.

Without directly coming out and saying it, event though Justin mentioned he questioned siblings, friends of siblings, and other family members and friends about it, one can pretty much come to the conclusion that if relatively no one participating in the treasure hunt even knew what city or town in New Hampshire the money was buried in up until the point he was going to start dropping obvious hints last Thursday, that someone on the inside may have swiped it.

It's still unknown who took the original $10,000 at the time of this article's writing, but Justin is now out $20,000 -- only $10,000 of which he was more than happy to part with to make someone's day/week/month/year/life a bit brighter.

Let's just hope that whoever took the original $10,000 had a very good reason for doing it and needed it desperately for themselves or someone else. And also had a really good reason for not coming forward and letting Justin know the money had been found, as instructed in the note that was buried in the treasure chest along with the money.

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