The shocking news that the 141 year old Maine Girls' Academy (former Catherine McAuley), Maine's only all girls school, will close has some hopeful to save it.


On Thursday, July 5, an email went out to families of current students and alumnae saying that the Maine Girls' Academy, formerly Catherine McAuley High School, would close for good July 15th.

The reason is pure finances. Not enough enrollment and simply not enough money.

They are the ONLY all girls school in Maine.

The alumnae is very passionate about how amazing this school is and how much it is needed. According to a GoFundMe Page started:

The bottom line here - is the bottom line. A meeting will take place on Monday, July 9th, at 6pm at the school regarding the closure. We hope to show up at that meeting with a strong presence and evidence that there is financial support for the girls and this very special place in our community.  The email told us that the decision is done - but everything that we learned at this school tells us to fight for what matters. So we're fighting. We hope that you'll join us and let these girls know how much they matter - to you, to the community and to the world.

It's a long shot, but they are truly hoping to save the school that helped shape who they are today.

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