If you're anything like this writer, you've been looking forward to summer for a while now.

Soon, temperatures will warm back up and the world will become sunny and colorful again. People will happily go outside to enjoy the warm-weather activities they love, including amusement parks. From New Hampshire's Canobie Lake Park, Story Land, and Santa's Village to Maine's Funtown Splashtown and Massachusetts' Six Flags New England, there's no shortage of places to enjoy rides and games with friends and family.

Most (if not all) of New England's amusement and water parks have announcing their 2024 season calendars, including Six Flags New England (you can take a look at their schedule here). And we've got some good news: they are officially open for the 2024 season this Saturday, April 6, at 11 AM. How exciting is that?

You'll soon be able to fasten your seatbelts and go on all kinds of thrilling rides...

...and of course, the more intimidating ones like the Superman roller coaster. Are you brave enough? This writer isn't.

Of course, there are plenty of family-friendly rides for kiddos (or folks who don't like the scarier rides). There's something for everyone here.

Want to kick off your summer with a trip to Six Flags? You can visit their website here to book your tickets for 2024. We hope you have a blast.

In the meantime, here's a look at what some of New England's amusement parks look like in the wintertime, starting with Canobie Lake Park.

These 22 Photos Reveal How Amazing New Hampshire's Canobie Lake Park Looks Covered in Snow

Gallery Credit: Kira Lew

Now let's travel up to Funtown Splashtown in Maine.

These 17 Photos Reveal How Amazing Maine’s Funtown Splashtown Looks Covered in Snow

Gallery Credit: Meghan Morrison

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