Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of a breakup is deciding who gets what. Especially if the relationship got to the point where you're living together, and you both contributed money to buy things. But what about the pets? Sometimes it's easy, when one of the people had the pet before the relationship. But what happens when the couple got the pet together? That's exactly what is being discussed by The Maine Supreme Judicial Court, who hearing a case from a Bangor woman that wants visitation rights for a pet that she lost in a breakup. According to Maine Public, twenty-five-year-old Jessica Sardina of Bangor wants shared custody of Honey, a lab-shepherd mix. A District Court judge ruled that her ex would get the dog, because only his signature was on Honey's adoption papers. Maine laws says that a judge can order married couples to share custody of animals, but the law doesn't apply to unmarried couples splitting up.

This is a tough one...I feel like the couple should try to work it out, but if they can't, maybe it's best for a judge to decide. What do you think? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!


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