In normal times, Portland is bustling with activity. Especially as the seasons change from winter to spring. People are finally getting out, enjoying the fresh air, window shopping, and looking for something to eat. A few weeks ago was one of those spring days. A light breeze and the sun beaming down. But one thing was amiss.

Portland was nearly empty.

And understandably so under the Stay at Home Order. As an essential employee, I still venture into the city every day, and on this day I decided to go for a walk and bring my camera along.

What I experienced was almost eerie. It was as if I was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be. It was not normal, to be downtown with very few others in sight. I passed some construction workers, people walking their dogs, a few people grabbing take-out, a few beer trucks making deliveries, and that was about it. I felt as though I stepped into a strange dreamlike world only, it wasn't a dream.

This is the new reality. For now, anyway.

Downtown Portland Under 'Stay at Home' Order

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