When restaurants, schools, or other locations close, there is always some sadness. A bit of nostalgia is gone, but will be remembered forever.

A piece of your youth (or whatever time in your life) is now intangible. All that is left are memories.

Perhaps no location holds more memories, blurry or not, than your favorite old bar.

You know, the bar or nightclub you went to when you were underage. Sneaking in the back door, using your first fake ID, or knowing that older friend who knew the bouncer. You get it.

You remember your first time drunk off 13 miller lights and three tequila shots. Getting up for karaoke because EVERYONE dared you to do it. Or finding your way to the sticky dance floor just to catch the spins.

It is bittersweet to think of these places. I tend to think of it as a treat. Like, only some people got to experience (insert closed down bar).

The fun thing is, depending on your age and location, that bar is likely the same spot for numerous people.

Since I am a young buck, I don't have that many years of remembering closed-down bars, and I have not had too many close with such impact. But there are certainly some.

The only one that keeps coming back to me is Scores in Keene, New Hampshire. This place was THE place to be for Franklin Pierce, Fitchburg, and Keene State students on Thursday nights. Typical college bar: blurry, dancing, lights, and a beer-soaked dance floor.

I graduated in 2018. This place closed down in 2019. The fun thing is, any student in that area or anyone in western New Hampshire from 2013-2019 will be able to resonate with me.

This is not about my 20-year-old self though. I know there are places that YOU remember that are closed. Places that were open from the1950s-80s.

I asked New Hampshire folks about the most missed bars and nightclubs, and your answers are below.

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