Clear your schedule for Sunday, December 26, 2021!

Coming out of this weekend of professional football, there was some massive movement with our boys that play down in Foxboro, as they now sit first place in their division for the first time all season. And considering the team that has a fanbase that has dubbed themselves the "mafia" are in second place by only a half-game, that makes their matchup in Foxboro on Sunday, December 26 all the more intriguing and important!

Jadd in the Morning is giving his Post Christmas Experience to you!

Fun fact: Jadd in the Morning was actually supposed to go to the game, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he's no longer able to attend. That's a really, really good thing for you, though. Because instead of trying to re-sell them or just eating the cost of them without attending, he's gifting them to you starting this Monday, November 29, as a post-Christmas experience for you!

There's even a chance you'll be able to see the stadium through the window in your room!

So what exactly is included with this post-Christmas experience? Two (2) tickets to see the 1p game down in Foxboro on Sunday, December 26. And as if that's not already over the top considering the significance that game could have on the postseason, you can also fully let loose in the stands, because you'll also have an overnight stay included at the Renaissance Boston Patriot Place Hotel in Foxboro. There's even a chance you'll be able to see the stadium through the window in your room!

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So, how do you win Jadd in the Morning's Post Christmas Experience?

First things first -- make sure you download our app. This will be where you can enter the code words!

Then, make sure you're listening every weekday at 8:20a, 11:20a, 1:20p, and 4:20p between Monday, November 29 and Friday, December 10 for special code words to enter into our free app.

The more code words you enter every single weekday, the better your chance to win!

After you've entered as many code words as possible, there's only going to be one thing left to do -- listen to Jadd in the Morning on Tuesday, December 14 between 7:30a and 7:50a to hear the winner announced! He may even try to call the winner that morning for their live reaction!

So, will you be in the stands on Sunday, December 26 for what could be one of the most important games of the tail end of the season? That's up to you! But if you want to be, make sure you take the very first step right now...

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