If you've never seen Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", it might be time to find it on whatever streaming service has it on demand. In that macabre tale, the movie centers around the unexplained and violent attacks that come about in the resort town of Bodega Bay. It's a absolute classic and may shine some light about this sign posted outside a daycare in Portland, Maine that is one part hilarious and another part frightening.

Shared on Twitter by Corey Templeton, a daycare operating along High Street in Portland posted a sign recently nudging parents to show up promptly and come directly to the front door to pick their children up from the establishment. Why? Because the summer of 2021 has brought a new aggression to the seagulls of Portland and they're looking to feast. Likely on your children's snacks and not the children themselves, but there's always that Alfred Hitchcock movie in the back of your head.

The reality of why the seagulls are being aggressive near this daycare likely has nothing to do with human children or snacks. According to Seagulls Are Not Evil, typically when seagulls are aggressive repeatedly in the same area, it's because they have young nesting nearby and (just like humans) want to be super-protective of their babies. So in some twisted piece of irony, the human daycare likely has a seagull daycare nearby.

If you've seen "The Birds", just remember one thing; hide your eyes.

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