These days, kids are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages. My daughters are 9 and 11, and although they don't have phones yet, over half of the kids in each of their classes do! Once these kids do get cell phones, how well are parents doing at tracking their use, specifically, what apps they're using, and who they're chatting with?

In a special report airing on Channel 8 WMTW this Sunday before and after the Oscars, Kathleen Jordan takes a closer look at cell phone app use among teenagers, specifically those used to chat with others. Some of the apps, including Snapchat, make the messages disappear. So as a parent, even if you do have access to their phone, how can you tell who they're chatting with, and what they're chatting about?

Kathleen stopped by the HOM studios this week to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming story. Listen to the interview below, then be sure to tune into Channel 8 WMTW this Sunday, before and after the Oscars, for the full story.

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