It's National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, which means it is time to stock up on all of our favorite flavors. After all, you can only get them once a year. AJ and Nikki both love Samoas the best. Nikki's second favorite is Thin Mints. AJ's second choice is Do-si-dos.

Girl Scout cookies are already on sale in New Hampshire. You'll have to wait until March 1st in Maine. The Girl Scouts even have an app that you can use to find the nearest location to you where you can buy cookies. How super convenient!

AJ and Nikki took a taste test with blindfolds on. Who do you think won? If you said AJ, you are right; however, Nikki thinks he cheated. One of the cookies she was given is a relatively new gluten-free flavor called Toffee-tastic. Gluten-free is not a word in Nikki's vocabulary.

Listen to AJ & Nikki's interview and taste test.:

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