Have you ever been to a haunted house? I'm not talking about the ones that pop up during the Halloween season, I am talking about a real haunted house. Ever since I moved to Maine, I started to witness some paranormal activity in my apartment. Could it have been something that followed me here? Certainly, however, I have yet to experience anything like what happened a few days ago.

To give you more information about my apartment, no one has lived here prior to my boyfriend and myself. It is a new development and therefore, you would think that there should not be any paranormal activity found inside (I do not believe the land used to be an ancient burial ground and it is certainly not the Pet Cemetery that Maine author Stephen King wrote about).

I literally have been walking around my apartment talking like the Wicked Witch of the West, "are you a good ghost or a bad ghost?". I have yet to get a response.

Let's go back a little bit... not long after moving in, my home cameras started to pick up the movement of what looked like orbs in the kitchen. Things slowly started to progress, doors would shut and lock on their own, cabinets would open, and one time the dryer door was found wide open in the morning.

It seemed that whatever was in my apartment was learning how to move objects. Well, it is succeeding.

The other night, my boyfriend chose to sleep out on the living room sofa. He has the tendency of falling asleep while watching TV and therefore usually will fall asleep with his glasses on. Well, something or someone kept him up all night...and no, it was not me.

While he was laying down, he felt something try to pull off his glasses. Now, you may be thinking what I was thinking...did he just roll and his glasses started to come off? Well, how he describes it, no. He claims that he felt someone pull the center of his glasses off of his face and that both sides of his glasses started to come off.

As if it wasn't hard enough to go back to sleep after that, both of us heard footsteps in the hallway and kitchen throughout the entire night. No one lives above us, so therefore someone had to be inside our apartment.

Nothing has happened yet to make either of us believe that we have a negative entity in our apartment. If anything, the fact that whatever it is tried to take off his glasses at night seems that it is someone or something watching over us.

For now, it doesn't seem like we should be rushing to move out. Plus, it may not help if we do, as some things choose to follow.

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