Ghost Stories & Paranormal Activity

I’ve seen the movies, I’ve heard the tales. I love a good thrill but I have to draw the line somewhere and hearing ghost stories is where that line gets drawn. For the record, I saw the Paranormal Activity movie series against my will at sleepovers where I was outnumbered. That type of stuff scares me because I believe in it.

I would rather watch a movie about an unhinged man going on a murder spree than anything paranormal related. I have a chance, as small as it may be, to fight for my life against a sentient being but I have no defense against a ghost or demonic entity.

I just shivered.

Is There Paranormal Activity in Maine?

Allegedly, yes.

I personally believe in it but I have to use the word “allegedly” because I obviously can’t prove anything. I already told you I don’t mess with ghost stories so I really don’t know why I joined a Facebook group titled, “Unexplained Maine”. Although I am still a part of the group, I have to avoid reading posts from it because I scare myself.

The paranormal page is a group for Mainers to talk about scary, weird, paranormal, unexplainable, out-of-this-world encounters in the state. People post pictures of weird figures or blurry creepy faces and ask the page’s opinions, people ask questions, share stories, and really dive into things like odd flashes in the sky, UFO sightings, Bigfoot-related material (duh!), and humanoids.

The stories are addicting and it can be hard to look away and I always end up spooking myself. Then I’m convinced that I’m going to have these experiences and it just becomes an internalized mess.

Someone recently posted in the group asking people to share some of their scary experiences and hundreds of comments poured in. Most are way too long to compile into a quick read for ya’ll, so if you’re interested in the full stories, definitely check out the page yourself and get lost in the rabbit hole.

Here are just a few of the spooky occurrences:

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