Someone call the Winchester Brothers from “Supernatural” cause it seems that we are going to need them in Maine. When I moved to Maine, I was not expecting to move to the state with the highest chance of supernatural sightings in the country.

I should have had an idea that Maine would be one of the most supernaturally filled states when I found out that a small town in Maine actually has the first documented haunting in the country, but no, I did not think more of it.

Maine has many haunted places, including Jameson Tavern in Freeport and Fort Knox where you can even do an overnight ghost hunt.

Maybe I should have done some research before my move, however, this may explain why I believe my apartment is haunted. Cameras in my apartment have sensed movement in my kitchen and by the front door while I sleep or am out of the house.

Now, I know that every state has ghost sightings however I was surprised to find out that Maine has even more UFO sightings than ghost sightings.

According to Great Lake Stakes, Maine has a total of 1,107 UFO sightings and only 784 ghost sightings. Great Lake Stakes analyzed records of ghost and UFO sightings and took population into account to see which state has the highest chance of a supernatural sighting. Somehow, Maine came out on top.

Now you may or may not believe in the supernatural, however, with some experiences that I personally have witnessed I do believe in the paranormal and I know that I am not the only one either. There is actually a Facebook page called "Unexplained Maine" that is dedicated to the supernatural phenomena in the state.

There is no denying that the state of Maine has some supernatural activity, I just was not expecting it to be the state with the highest chance of witnessing this type of activity.

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