When it comes to popular Portland pubs, you'll find a lot of love for both Samuel's and Tomaso's Canteen. Both of those pubs share the same ownership and are about to get a third sister pub in Westbrook called Legend's Rest Taproom.

According to Portland Food Map, Legends's will open in a newly renovated part of Main Street in downtown Westbrook. It'll open alongside the new location of Veranda Thai as well as new business venture called Quill Books and Beverage. The space is still currently under development and there is no firm timetable for opening.

Legends will have an intriguing menu item though. The plan is to served "smashed" burgers, a concept gaining traction in the foodie community. Smashed burgers maximize the crust from cooking on the meat. Crusty goodness typically equates to flavorful goodness. They're also planning on having a rotating selection of craft beers, likely to include some of Westbrook's new breweries.


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