Laura Benedict, the owner of The Red Barn in Augusta, is just as famous for all the good she does, as she is for the food she serves. She was besides herself when she got a letter and fine from the City of Augusta...


Laura was upset because she thought she had been fined 200 dollars because of a complaint in 2016 for noise for a benefit that raises money for vets. She is visibly upset in the video while saying:

After a year, they thought that was an intelligent thing to do. Thank you to the City of Augusta. I would love for this to go viral

The video is moving and it sure did go viral - over 1 million people have seen it! There's just one problem - Laura was upset at the wrong thing. She wasn't fined for noise a year ago. It was for a permit that she didn't get two years in a row for a large gathering and a noise complaint from a neighbor.

Laura regrets overreacting without all the facts, but she is grateful for the attention because she has another fundraiser for Honor Flight coming up July 24th.

Laura wants the whole thing to blow over...I want to honor what she wants - so, please consider this article a promotion of her upcoming fundraiser. She does SO much good, she is SO passionate...but in fairness, Augusta DOES support the troops.


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